Angella Ahn sitting in studio with violin
photo by Arthur Elgort


Greetings! I’m Angella Ahn, Artistic Director of Montana Chamber Music (MCM). I’m a proud member of the Bozeman community, professor of violin and viola at Montana State University, and the violinist of the Ahn Trio, a classical performing and recording group with my sisters.

Let me share a personal story with you.

Recently I met a young violinist—not just any violinist but one currently performing with major orchestras around the world and the recent recipient of an Avery Fisher Career Grant. He told me that when he was a child, the Ahn Trio performed at Stanford and his mom took him to our concert. He was mesmerized by the sound of the instruments and became determined to be a violinist. A few months later, he started lessons.

This is the power of music!

This story is important to the core mission of MCM—to inspire our younger generation bringing beauty, creativity, passion and even change to the everyday lives of people through music’s unique power. We want to bring chamber music at the highest level to you—our audience—whether you live in a big city or small town, whether you are a regular concert goer or have never experienced live music, whether you can afford concert tickets or not.

While I love all music, chamber music is dearest to my heart. This is because it is so intimate. Without words, the instruments “talk” to each other, sharing joy, sadness, hope, loneliness . . . all the emotions each of us knows. Through “eavesdropping” on these conversations, audiences can experience the whole spectrum of human feelings in an evening. There is nothing else like it.

We wouldn’t be able to bring such evenings to our community without the support of our many generous sponsors. And we wouldn’t be able to fill these evenings with such phenomenal performances without our hard-working Board members and volunteers. Finally, there would be no reason to have these evenings without you—the audience. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

So bring yourselves, bring your friends, and get swept up in the power of music!

See you at our concerts!
Angella Ahn, Artistic Director, MCM